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Fire Damage Repair In Charleston

Why is it important to shut all the doors in your house before you go to bed? Having your door closed will reduce toxic smoke, decrease temperatures, slow the s... READ MORE

Charleston Fire and Soot Damage

Portable heaters are often the culprit that cause house fires in bedrooms. This Charleston area rental unit ignited the drapes, and the flames flared up and mad... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Charleston

Whether your Charleston property is a restaurant, small office building, hotel, apartment building, or large retail store our experts have you covered during a ... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Downtown Charleston

Our skilled team responded to a call regarding a duct cleaning emergency at a commercial property in Downtown Charleston. A build-up of dust, pollen, dirt, and ... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Charleston

When a basement in the Charleston area cannot prevent exterior seepage of groundwater, damage to the building materials, water heater, softener, and the concret... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Charleston

Don't let water damage destroy your commercial property call the team at SERVPRO for help! Since a water damage emergency can happen at any time we provide our ... READ MORE

Charleston and Storm Damage

The storm damage from Hurricane Florence devastated much of the Carolina coastline, and then the following flooding compounded the damage to property owners, ev... READ MORE

Mold Damage In Charleston

Our team knows how quickly mold can spread, so even a minor infestation can instantly escalate into a significant issue. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is dedic... READ MORE

Structural Fire Mixed in with Water in Charleston

If an electrical spark flares up into a small attic fire quickly extinguished, the cleanup may still entail a large demolition job. When SERVPRO technicians fro... READ MORE

Water Damage In Charleston

Our team knows how quickly water can destroy your home. We will respond immediately to your water damage emergency. Our experts will begin the water restoration... READ MORE